Jurassic Park: The Lost World


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“A Pachy… a pachy… oh, hell. Uh, the fathead with the bald spot. Friar Tuck!”

Audiences around the globe were able to feel the magic of Jurassic Park again when The Lost World: Jurassic Park premiered in 1997. A hilarious scene ensued when big game hunter Roland Tembo attempted to explain just what a Pachycephalosaurus resembled. Pachycephalosaurus, or thick-headed lizard, is one of the more colorful dinosaurs of The Lost World and its unusual appearance has made it a favorite among fans. However, until now, the Pachycephalosaurus has been ignored as a collectible that you can own.

Chronicle Collectibles is changing that.

We are proud to announce that for the first-time ever you can bring home “Pachy” to round out your growing collection of Chronicle Collectibles Jurassic Park pieces. The Pachycephalosaurus continues our line of cinema-quality statues molded directly from the maquettes originally created by Stan Winston Studios.

Whether you have all of our Jurassic Park offerings or this is your first, the Pachycephalosaurus will make a unique conversation piece to display in your home or office. Made to exacting detail, the Pachycephalosaurus is roughly the same size and weight as our The Lost World: Jurassic Park Stegosaurus. This statue is set on a circular base designed to resemble a dirt and rock-strewn surface.

Each one of these stunning pieces will be individually numbered. With a very low edition size of just 150 units, this is truly a piece that a Jurassic Park fan can be delighted to own. Be sure to take advantage of our industry-leading, interest-free payment plans and get your Pachy for as low as $39.90 a month.

  • Officially licensed Jurassic Park collectible
  • Designed and Manufactured under license by Chronicle Collectibles
  • Created from a Stan Winston Studios casting
  • Limited Edition to 150 units, hand numbered
  • Materials: Hand-painted polyresin
  • Dimensions: 31" long, 19" tall and 7" wide
  • Weight: estimated 25 pounds

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