Artist. Artifact. Art...

The first Chronicle Collectibles product turned out to be one of the toughest to make in our history, but it quickly set the stage to define our brand: we produced a 1/6 scale statue of the RoboCop 2 Cain, all 275 pieces of it! Conventional wisdom said Cain could not be affordably made into a statue. Designer Phil Tippett even famously created this character with the intention that no collectibles company could ever reproduce it.

But we did.

Since the success of that early piece, we have grown with many exciting licenses and a multitude of new products, and have carved out a previously untapped segment of the high-end market through our partnership with Universal Studios for the Jurassic Park/Jurassic World franchise, developing many “grail” collectibles from those treasured films for an insatiable fan community. Beyond obvious big name licenses, we also seek out licenses that have seen little support in the collectibles world in order to give underserved fans an opportunity to own high-end memorabilia from the properties they love.

We’re Keepers of the Obscure, we like to say.

Through cutting-edge prototyping and productions methods, along with our skilled Quality Control team, we are pushing the industry forward in bringing life-like and breathtaking collectibles to film, video game, and television fans. Whether it’s a prop replica, scaled statue, or bust, we are committed to releasing collectibles that mirror our prototypes as much as possible. 

We also endeavor to work with the original filmmakers, creators, and prop designers when developing a new collectible to get their insight and advice. Of equal importance is the fact that we go to great lengths to seek out screen-used props and/or digital assets so that we can craft a production piece that is virtually indistinguishable from the original. The end result makes for limited edition collectibles that fans are incredibly proud to own and display.

The formula is simple: Artist. Artifact. Art.

This is a test

We have also trailblazed in the industry with our superior customer service and our regular engagement with the fan community through Facebook Live broadcasts, Instagram, Twitter, and collector forum participation. Moreover, our innovative approach in being among the first to offer interest-free monthly payment plans has now become an industry standard.

Each year we continue to grow and amass a worldwide fan base that recognizes the effort and passion that we put into our products. By servicing fans with high-end pieces from their favorite films, operating from a mantra that strives for authenticity and accuracy in our products, and leading the industry in customer outreach and support, we are thriving. We look forward to exceeding your expectations for a high-end collectibles company. More importantly, we look forward to being a part of your display cabinet, wall, home, or office as you demonstrate your love for pop culture to the world.

Artist. Artifact. Art.

...and You.

We are Chronicle Collectibles.