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“Hello, my fatal beauties!”

Chronicle Collectibles is excited to announce social media and Crypt TV superstar Giggles The Clown can now be yours in statue form!

Giggles has quickly amassed a world-wide “fam” of followers with her messages about spreading inclusion and giving a big, bloody smile to anyone that needs it. Whether making her watermelon baby, looking for love, discussing pop culture, or visiting cool sites around the country, Giggles always cheers us up with her hijinks. She’s become the first social media-original character and an international sensation.

With this first-of-its-kind Giggles The Clown statue, you can definitely show the world that you want to be “be whoever you want to be and express yourself!”

This limited edition Giggles The Clown statue is a gorgeous, highly detailed piece featuring the exact likeness of Giggles from her signature blood & teeth, right down to her frilly lace.  She stands on a decorative circular base with a symbol of her trademark teeth, and she carries a Giggles-approved sign that reads, “MONSTERS SMILE TOO.” Bring social media to life and embrace your fandom for Giggles The Clown… pick up this amazing statue today!

Giggles the Clown is a trademark and copyright of Crypt TV. Licensed by Crypt TV. All Rights Reserved.