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“One must always think the worst...even of your own kin. That way, you avoid too much disappointment in life.”

Estimated to ship Q2 2020

Loyal friend. Shipwright. Savage warrior. And a bit of a madman. With his hair a mangled mess and his eyes painted black, Floki appears as little more than a lunatic in the forest when Ragnar first brings his son to meet him. Claiming the trickster god, Loki, as an ancestor, his wild boast that he can see the planks and beams that lie waiting inside a tree mark him as an eccentric at the least.

But there’s no denying the truth of at least some of Floki’s claims, and his quality soon makes itself known. A madman and a trickster he may be, but he can also build a ship, true enough — a ship like none have ever seen, that can sail upriver as readily as it crosses the wide and endless seas. And his ferocity in battle, while unorthodox, is also unquestionable, as he defends king and gods in battle with a quickness and cunning as sharp as the twin weapons he wields.

Chronicle Collectibles is excited to bring you the next piece in the Vikings 1:9 scale figure line: Floki. Wielding his trademark knife and axe, Floki stands atop his deck-themed base exuding a blend of calm and casual menace. Crafted in hand-painted polyresin and limited edition, this figure will nicely compliment your Chronicle Collectibles King Ragnar statue. Reserve yours today.

  • Officially licensed Vikings collectible
  • Designed and Manufactured under license by Chronicle Collectibles Created using Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer assets
  • Limited Edition
  • Materials: Hand Painted Polyresin
  • Dimensions: 9" tall on a 4.5" diameter base
  • Weight: estimated 5 pounds

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