Chronicle Collectibles Newsletter - May 3rd, 2019

Watch Out, Dennis Nedry. The Dilo is Here!

ON SALE AT 3PM CST (8PM UTC) today at The Dilophosaurus in Jurassic Park is a four-feet-tall product of creative license that has the honor of being part of the handful of dinosaurs in the franchise to be rendered entirely with practical effects. The renowned wizards at Stan Winston Studios embraced the task presented to them, and delivered to the screen a creature capable of going from oddly cute to flat-out horrifying in an instant. Even before its neck expanded and that toxic venom flew through the air, audiences knew that Nedry’s day was done.

The artisans at Chronicle Collectibles pay homage to the work of those effects masters with their Jurassic Park 1/4-scale Dilophosaurus Statue. The creature’s curious expression is fully realized in one of the two heads included with the piece, which can be readily switched to the other to capture that signature look with the extended frills and screaming mouth. Chronicle Collectibles exclusive — a Barbasol cryo-can in 1/4 scale (direct sales only).

• The Dilophosaurus Statue is crafted in hand painted poly-resin.
• 14" tall x 21" long x 12" deep
• Switch out head for extended frill, open mouth display option. An additional small base styled like the paddock markers serves as a stand for either head when not displayed with the statue.
• Limited edition 
• Chronicle Collectibles Exclusive: 1/4 scale Barbasol cryo can
• Estimated to ship Q2 2020
• Price $899 (and eligible for interest-free payment plans)

Add the Dilo to your growing Chronicle Collectibles collection starting at 3pm CST today!


Robert Davis

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