Chronicle Collectibles Newsletter - June 14th, 2019

Lots of Great Reveals at E3!

Hot on the heels of Ghostbusters Fan Fest, we headed over to the Los Angeles Convention Center for E3 to let loose many great reveals for DoomBorderlands 3, and Fallout!
First up we have the Borderlands 3 Echo Device ReplicaModern Icons: Borderlands 3 - Mad Moxxi 1:9 Statue, and the Modern Icons: Borderlands 3 - Tiny Tina 1:9 Statue. All of these great collectibles are available for pre-order NOW through GameStop. Don't delay, pre-order today!
Next we have the Modern Icons: Doom Eternal - Doom Slayer 1:9 Statue from the highly anticipated new game! You can pre-order this bad boy too at GameStop right now. 
Our sister company, Silver Screen Bottling Company, also debuted the brand new Nukashine Blue Raspberry Moonshine premium spirit and Nukashine Power Armor 1:9 Statue. This pairing will be offered as an exclusive duo. You can find out more information now by simply visiting

As for the Nuka Cola Power Armor 1:9 Statue... how mysterious, huh?! 

Now here's some more of the sights found at E3 this week...
Lastly, there's a look at our burgeoning portfolio of great game collectible releases.

Thanks for joining us at E3 this year! We can't wait to be back next year!!
Dogmeat for Just $39.99!!

Fallout fans! We have a limited stock of Dogmeat 1:6 scale statues that are in stock & ready to ship! Dogmeat comes with two interchangeable heads so that you can display him with or without armor (armor version shown).Order yours today for only $39.99!

Shipping Updates

Emperor’s Scepter: Next week!!
Skeksis Castle: August
Ragnar: August
Terror Dog: August
Giggles The Clown: August
Pachy: August
Thulsa Doom: August
- (Chronicle) Baby Blue: August
Indominus Rex: August
Endo Bust: August


Robert Davis
Social Media & Events Outreach
Chronicle Collectibles

P.S.- Head over to GameStop to get our latest Modern Icons releases and don't forget about Dogmeat too!