Chronicle Collectibles Newsletter - July 29, 2018

Great Reveals & Surprises at SDCC!

We had an incredible time at Comic Con International: San Diego interacting with fans and it was so fun to see your reactions both in-person and online to our show reveals. Have you been bogged down with work and not able to catch up with everything we debuted at the show? Well read on for your EXCLUSIVE recap of our booth!

Labyrinth 1/4 Scale Jareth of the Throne Statue

One of the biggest draws to our booth this year was the 1/4 Scale Jareth on the Throne statue from Labyrinth. This spectacular piece has captured the likeness of the late, great David Bowie as Jareth. The face sculpt is simply uncanny! This mixed media statue is going to make the ultimate collectible for fans of the beloved film. Pricing for this breathtaking limited edition statue is TBD and we hope to have it up for pre-order in the coming months...

Jurassic Park 1/4 Scale Dr. Alan Grant Statue

A very big surprise for this show was the unveiling of our first 1/4 Scale human character from the original Jurassic Park! The 1/4 Scale Dr. Alan Grant Statue perfectly captures the moment Dr. Grant faces down the T. Rex after it breaks out of containment. He stands atop a scene-specific base that has a foundation of dinosaur fossils concealed underneath. And to answer your immediate question - YES the flare lights up!

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom 1:1 Scale Baby Blue Statue

Fans got their first up-close look at our 1:1 scale Baby Blue Statue at the show. Featuring new and improved eyes over the original prototype we first showed, our Baby Blue statue will also include an armband identifying her as Blue just like in the movie! In fact, our partners at ILM recommended we include this removable armband to make our Baby Blue the definitive version of this adorable dinosaur. She's available for pre-order now at our site of course, and we hope to see her ship out by the beginning of next year.

The Dark Crystal Fizzgig Puppet Replica

We debuted our next The Dark Crystal piece at the show: a Fizzgig Puppet Replica! This fully wearable hand puppet has a mouth that remains closed when displayed on a shelf (we opened it just for the booth) and has a vinyl understructure with fur on top. We used the original assets from the film to sculpt the inner mouth and we worked with The Jim Henson Company and their development team to get it 100% accurate. We also sculpted his little feet, all four of them. Who knew Fizzgig had feet?! Price is TBD and he should be up for pre-order fairly soon.

Jurassic Park Cryo-Can

As first covered in the July 4th sneak peek article by Gizmodo, we are pleased to announce that we are making the world's first Barbasol Cryo-Can from Jurassic Park! We are actually working with Barbasol to ensure that we get the can and label just right (version shown is just a working prototype and NOT final). Stay tuned for more info on this very exciting development!

Terminator: Genisys 1:1 Scale Endoskeleton v.2.0

We showed off a new version of a life-size Endoskeleton that is a work in progress between us and Toynami. It's triple chrome plated and not fully painted yet. Paul actually jetted off to LA after the show to paint and weather it. This is a future product (price TBD) that will only be available through us and Toynami.

Jurassic Park 1:1 Raptor Hatchling

Our 1:1 Raptor Hatchling made an appearance and show attendees enjoyed seeing just how realistic this piece is in person. It's actually still available for pre-order on our site. Get yours before we lock in the edition size and it goes extinct!

The Dark Crystal Castle of the Skeksis Scaled Replica

It was fun at the show to see people gush about Fizzgig and then politely tell them to look upwards to see our The Dark Crystal Castle of the Skeksis Scaled Replica. The castle definitely elicited similar fanboy & fangirl gasps! This iconic piece is available for pre-order now on our site. Get yours today before the next Great Conjunction!

Fallout 1:1 Super Sledgehammer & Life-Size T-51 Helmet

Fallout fans got to check out our life-size Super Sledgehammer as well as our already pre-sold out Life-Size T-51 Helmet. You're probably out of luck if you didn't already order the Power Armor Edition of Fallout 76 (which includes the T-51 helmet), but you can still pre-order the awesome Super Sledgehammer through our friends at ThinkGeek.

Silver Screen Bottling Premium Spirits

And last but certainly not least, our new sister company, Silver Screen Bottling Company, debuted their brand new Star Trek-licensed Ten-Forward Vodka as well as their James T. Kirk Bourbon and Fallout Nuka Dark Rum Cola. Click on the links to learn more and pre-order these premium collectible spirits.

And that's it for the show. We sincerely appreciate everyone who stopped by our booth as it's always a treat to meet our fans. Without you, we wouldn't exist. Keep an eye out for more developments on these new reveals and more in the coming months!


Robert Davis
Social Media & Events Outreach
Chronicle Collectibles

P.S.- And yes, it's true, we showed a Stargate Ra full-size helmet hidden in plain sight on the back of our booth cards. More on that later, stay tuned!