Chronicle Collectibles Newsletter - July 22nd, 2019

Another Fantastic Year at SDCC!

Whew! San Diego Comic Con this year was a blast! Not only was the con enjoying its 50th year of existence, but we were delighted to share with fans that our 1/6 scale figure plans are finally moving forward.

Read on for your EXCLUSIVE recap of our booth! 

1/6 Dr. Grant & 1/6 Raptor from Jurassic Park - More details coming soon! By the way, 1/6 Dr. Grant is an upgraded prototype from what we first showed off a while back. He has a new head, body, and wardrobe.

1/6 Conan the Barbarian - More details coming soon! Note that Conan also has a new head from what was previously teased that better captures the fuller face of Arnold on that film.

Jurassic World Mosasaurus Diorama - Fans got their first in-person look at our new Mosasaurus Diorama, up for pre-order now on our site. At 16" tall by 23" wide, this is going to make quite a statement in your growing Jurassic World collection!

Star Trek USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D - Con attendees also laid eyes upon our magnificent Enterprise replica. This piece is also already available for pre-order on our site and has an inaugural sale price of just$1701 now through August 16th. Find out more here.

The Real Ghostbusters Statues & Ecto-1 - We brought The Real Ghostbusters team to the show and added the Ecto-1 to the mix. Yes, that's right, we'll be offering the Ecto-1 from the animated series soon.The paint work on it is incredible, wait until you see it! In the meantime, remember you can pre-order the team today here

Outlander Dragonfly in Amber Prop Replica - More details coming soon!

Star Trek Cats Collection - We displayed the Star Trek Cats Collection at SDCC and as luck would have it we even got to meet original artist Jenny Parks at the show! You can pre-order these adorable Enterprise crew felines now our site.

Jurassic Park Dilophosaurus - The Dilophosaurus statue remains one of our most popular collectibles for pre-order this year. Fans got to see the switch out heads and interchangeable clean/dirty Cryo-cans (available only via direct orders). Trust us, we're as excited to bring this dino to market as you are to display it! Remember you can still pre-order this piece on our site for the time being. 

Thanks for joining us either in-person or on the socials during the show. See you at NYCC in October next!


Robert Davis
Social Media & Events Outreach
Chronicle Collectibles

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