Chronicle Collectibles Newsletter - August 13, 2018

Prime 1 Studio’s 1/15 Scale T-Rex from Jurassic Park is NOW Available for Pre-Order!

We're delighted to start your week off with the news that you can NOW pre-order Prime 1 Studio’s 1/15 Scale LMCJP-01: Tyrannosaurus-Rexfrom Jurassic Park!

Here's what you need to know:

Both the Regular and Exclusive versions of this statue are available for pre-order right now. The key differences between these two versions are that the Exclusive version is a very limited run and includes a T-Rex “dinner”… The Goat statue.
➡️ Details:

• Size approx. 17 inches tall for Tyrannosaurus-Rex [(H)42.5cm (W)84.2cm (D)38.7cm]
• [Exclusive Version] Size approx. 5 inches tall for The Goat [(H)12.9cm (W)14.2cm (D)8.0cm]
• Prototype samples shown
• Product details subject to change without further notice
• Edition Size:
    ◦ Regular Version: TBD
    ◦ Exclusive Version: 750
• Retail Price:
    ◦ Regular Version: $799
    ◦ Exclusive Version: $849
• Payment plan eligible

Pre-order this breathtaking piece today on our site!
Reminder: Prime 1 Studio's 1/6 Blue Statue Pre-Orders END on August 22nd!

Just a friendly reminder that if you're after the Prime 1 Studio's 1/6 Blue Statue you must have your order in by August 22nd. That's just over a week left! All orders received after August 22nd will be waitlisted.


Robert Davis

Social Media & Events Outreach
Chronicle Collectibles

P.S.- Remember, the Exclusive Version of Prime 1 Studio's T-Rex is quite limited and has the cool Goat statue addition. Don't miss out!