Chronicle Collectibles Newsletter - April 26th, 2019

SURPRISE! Come see our new Hellboy Statue, live for pre-order now!

It’s time to give evil hell! Celebrate the release of the new film Hellboy with this striking 1:4 scale Hellboy statue!

As soon as we saw the advance poster for the film, highlighting Hellboy as he embraces his true demonic form, we were determined to turn it into a statue. As he looks ominously towards some unseen threat, you can just tell Hellboy is ready to take care of business. Using digital assets and imagery provided by the studio, we have captured Hellboy’s fearsome pose as he rises up from the depths of hell with his prominent horns on full display, Right Hand of Doom at the ready, pistol on his side, and the flaming Excalibur sword resting easy on his shoulders. Standing at a staggering 27” tall by 12” in diameter, make no mistake, this statue is going to be legendary.

The 1:4 scale Hellboy statue is fully sculpted and features the muscular, bright red body and Right Hand of Doom. Hellboy stands atop the perfect base to complement him with a look of obsidian and lava forcing upward underneath his feet. In addition to revealing his magnificent horns, Hellboy comes donning his iconic crown of flame. Near the pistol on his waist, Hellboy is outfitted with pouches and other gear for carrying out his Bureau For Paranormal Research and Defense duties. And of course, Hellboy wouldn’t be complete without his tail, which lurks curiously out behind him.

If you’re a Hellboy fan, you owe it to yourself to own the most epic representation of this extraordinarily distinct character. Raise some hell and order the 1:4 Hellboy statue today!

Product Details:
  • Includes an exchangeable head for the usual Hellboy look
  • Includes an exchangeable hand to swap the sword for his pistol
  • Limited Edition 150 pieces
  • Crafted in Polyresin
  • Armed to hell! Features Excalibur, pistol, & Right Hand of Doom!
  • Created using digital assets and imagery from the studio
  • 12” wide, 14” deep, and 27” tall
  • Estimated to Ship Q1 2020
  • Exclusively Sold at Chronicle Collectibles
Don't miss your chance to own this legendary statue!


Robert Davis

Social Media & Events Outreach
Chronicle Collectibles

P.S.- Images of the interchangeable head and hands will be shown soon!